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Ever wondered what higher ed benchmarks actually look like?


Enrollment Marketing Benchmarks Report

See how your institution stacks up against other schools across these four primary marketing tactics:

  1. Content marketing: How can you compel prospective students to take action that leads to real conversions?
  2. Event marketing: What does it take to successful promote student recruitment events?
  3. Email marketing: How are prospective students engaging with (all different kinds of) emails?
  4. Digital advertising: Where should you invest in the various options for digital advertising campaigns, and how much are other schools spending?

Curious if list buys are still worth it and how to get the most ROI from them?


Recorded Webinar Series

Beyond the Buy is a webinar series hosted by Jamie Gleason of DD Agency along with Jack Keltt and Ayo Strange of ETS. In this dynamic series, they explore the nonlinear path to pursuing graduate education and how this may impact you as n enrollment marketer.

These enrollment specialists will:

  1. Explore the newest graduate enrollment data.
  2. Share the motivations and rationale that make the graduate student “being journey” unique for each learner.
  3. Reveal ways graduate programs and GEM professionals should meet future learners where they are as they journey toward inquiring, applying, and enrolling. 

Sound like something you'd like to learn more about? Sign up today and go through each episode at your own pace!

Does SEO actually have an impact on enrollment numbers?


How to Grow Organic Search Rankings

This slide deck comes from the NAGAP Conference where Tony Fraga and Katie Boyle, from Bard College, presented on how to grow organic search results to attract and enroll grad students. In this deck we cover:

  1. SEO 101 for Graduate Schools
  2. Bard's SEO Challenges
  3. Leveraging Current Events + Trending Topics 
  4. How Bard Nurtured Organic Leads
  5. Tracking the Impact of SEO on Enrollment

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