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Inbound Enrollment Marketing 101


What is Inbound Enrollment Marketing?

Inbound Enrollment Marketing is a methodology for student recruitment that focuses on creating educational content that pulls prospects toward your website where they can learn more about your institution on their own accord based on their interests and needs.

How is Inbound Enrollment Marketing Different from Traditional Marketing?

Inbound Enrollment Marketing is fundamentally different than direct, outbound marketing strategies. Inbound acts as a magnet that organically pulls in qualified website visitors, while outbound marketing tactics act more like a megaphone. Inbound also requires enrollment marketers to think about student recruitment in the context of a flywheel, as opposed to the traditional funnel.


What differentiates Inbound Enrollment Marketing from Content Marketing?

Inbound Enrollment Marketing adds context to your content. Content Marketing adopts an “if you build it they will come” approach to content creation, but Inbound Enrollment Marketing suggests that your content strategy must be conversion-centric in order to efficiently nurture prospects through The Applicant Journey.

What are the Six Themes
of Inbound Enrollment Marketing?

Persona Development

Student personas are fictional representations of your ideal student. They are just like real people, with real personalities, identities, life situations, goals, challenges, and media preferences. 

Content Creation

Creating content like digital resource libraries, eBooks, guides, videos, checklists, financial aid calculators and more, will leverage your institution as a thought leader and validate your online presence as a true resource.

Personalization & Context

Inbound Enrollment Marketing provides a context for the content you are creating. It takes educational content and applies conversion-centric strategies and techniques in order to generate prospective applicants.

Lifecycle Marketing

It’s essential that you create conversion-centric content that is relevant to each stage of the Enrollment Journey. Your goal as an enrollment marketer is to nurture prospects through the enrollment funnel as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Channel Optimization

As you learned in the above section on the changing marketing mix, today’s student recruitment strategy requires a diverse marketing channel portfolio. Inbound Enrollment Marketing is all about diversification! Inbound is about creating content that is relevant and appropriate for each channel: From social media, to email, to video, to direct mail, and more.

Marketing Technology

Marketing technology is the glue that holds Inbound Enrollment Marketing together — it’s what makes this strategy doable for busy enrollment teams. Inbound Enrollment Marketing requires having an inbound marketing platform — like HubSpot. The marketing automation tools that HubSpot offers enables you to leverage prospect behavior data related to content consumption — a method that improves engagement and generates positive applicant conversion results.


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