You can't pick your faculty, but you can pick your marketing team. We're giant-slaying, creative technologists that help schools maximize efficiency and effectiveness by acting as an extension of their team.

Meet Our Team

Charlie started Direct Development (the parent company of The DD Agency) over 35 years ago.  He has spent over four decades helping institutions of all shapes and sizes increase enrollment and fundraising.

: (703) 560-8414 x130

Charles Fraga

President & CFO

For the past 15 years, Tony has helped schools make the paradigm shift away from traditional marketing efforts to more innovative strategies and tactics to do marketing smarter. He also teaches education professionals through cohorts and individual coaching as an enrollment marketing consultant.

: (703) 560-8414 x180

Tony Fraga


Teresa has led operations at DD for over 8 years. She ensures that all scopes of work are executed as efficiently and effectively as possible for our clients!  She often has to roll up her sleeves and discern how best to maximize the return-on-investment for our clients. 

: (703) 560-8414 x190

Teresa De Brey

Director of Marketing Operations

Zach spends his days learning about the latest in marketing technology and brainstorming ways to apply these ideas to the enrollment marketing space. He enjoys cultivating relationships and discerning how DD can help enrollment teams reach their goals. 

: 703-785-2242

Zach Busekrus

Director of Marketing Strategy

Shane leads a variety of team members in both the utilization and optimization of marketing efforts for our clients. Data is the lifeblood of marketing, so much of his time is devoted to analyzing performance metrics – and then adapting our strategy accordingly.

: (703) 560-8414 x260

Shane Kehl

Director of Client Success

Kelsey oversees the operational management of The DD Agency's largest Pod Team. She is known for her speed (she's one of those people you NEVER have to follow up with)!  Kelsey delights in helping enrollment marketing teams surpass their enrollment numbers. 

: (703) 560-8414 x250

Kelsey Whitehouse

Account Strategist

Susannah crafts unique and compelling content for our education clients, including long-form premium content, email communication flows, digital ad copy, and articles from faculty, students, alumni and industry thought leaders. 

: (703) 560-8414 x22

Susannah Black

Content Strategist

Frankie spends his days leading his team in the development and execution of custom marketing strategies that help schools increase enrollment. He specializes in data-driven marketing methods and has a passion for telling stories through photography and video.

: (703) 560-8414 x110

Francisco Garcia

Account Strategist

Need a new website? Robert is your man!  Robert is experienced in both frontend and backend development. He specializes in building websites on the HubSpot CMS that our clients can easily scale and maintain with their in-house technical teams. 

: (703) 560-8414 x240

Robert Gonzalez

Marketing Technology & Web Development Manager

Sam heads up creative at DD Agency. He loves pushing the envelope on UX/UI for our clients — and he's always game for a rebrand! Sam is gifted at helping schools design content that focuses on nurturing the user through the student journey is a highly-personalized fashion. 

: (703) 560-8414 x240

Sam Lee

Design Manager

Blake spends his days building robust target audiences and executing smart digital advertising campaigns across Google, Facebook, Instagram,  LinkedIn, and other networks to help our clients attract, engage, and delight new students from paid media sources! 

: (704) 999-8450

Blake Smith

Digital Advertising Manager

Christina is the midfielder in her Pod Team — she coordinates the design, development, and launch of all deliverables associated with a campaign. Her to-do list gets longer every day, and yet, she's consistently ahead of schedule! 

: (703) 560-8414 x310

Christina Deal

Client Success Manager

Maddy loves using words to draw people in and captivate the attention of the reader. She works with enrollment marketers at schools large and small to tell faculty and student stories that compel prospects to engage with the admissions team! 

: (703) 560-8414 x34

Maddy Ledon

Content Strategist

Tatiana is an experienced strategic communicator and digital storyteller. Her journalism background has enabled her to turn content into a tool for prospect engagement and inquiry-generation! 

: (703) 560-8414 x120

Tatiana Quiroga

Content Manager

Matt specializes in strategic, technical problem-solving.  In addition to serving his accounts as a project manager, Matt regularly shares his HubSpot expertise with all DD accounts (he knows the platform like the back of his hand!).  

: (703) 560-8414 x140

Matthew Fall

Marketing Technologist

With a background in higher ed, Shannon understands the challenges and opportunities that exist in enrollment management. She helps our clients analyze data and execute inbound marketing campaigns, all while breaking down silos to align business and marketing goals. 

: (703) 560-8414 x160

Shannon Nicholson

Client Success Manager

Daniel is the co-founder of DD Studio, the video production studio of the DD Group. Dan spends his days shooting, editing, and producing compelling stories for colleges and universities to use in their student recruitment and alumni development campaigns! 

: (571) 359-3382

Daniel Bonner

Video Production Specialist

Annie specializes in helping educational institutions tell their story in a way that inspires action. She enjoys thinking of creative ways to optimize email nurturing campaigns and A/B test headline copy across paid digital campaigns!

: (703) 560-8414

Annie Ryland

Content Strategist

Julia crafts remarkable content that supports and aligns with the inbound marketing objectives for our clients. She spends a lot of her time researching and writing blog posts, eBooks, and email-nurturing sequences related to a specific marketing campaign.

: (703) 560-8414 x230

Julia Fabian

Editorial Copywriter

Johanna regularly works on a variety of projects that range from analyzing and compiling campaign data, to developing marketing emails and editing web pages for colleges and universities. 

: (703) 560-8414 x150

Johanna De Brey

Marketing Associate

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Calvin Hughes

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Core Values

Treat Clients Like Family

We believe that the roots of great success are great relationships, which is why with us, you get a team — not just a vendor. Your challenges become our challenges and we commit to serving you and your team like you’re one of us.

Be Ridiculously Helpful

You know that feeling you get when you shop at a Trader Joe’s, get helped on the side of the road by AAA, or talk to a Zappos customer service representative? These brands propagate a kind of service that is responsive, personal, and easy — and we strive to emulate them (and then some).

Challenge Conventional Thinking

There’s a lot of fluffy advice thrown around in the marketing technology space (not to mention all the jargon)! Our team researches, tests, and thinks on repeat to bring you marketing strategies that are contextually relevant to your needs — let’s just say we’re healthily skeptical about “industry best practices.”

Treasure Transparency

Authenticity has become such a buzzword these days, but we do pride ourselves in being honest and forthcoming in our pricing, in our strategic recommendations, in our services, and in our projected outcomes. Most of our team members are human (all except Calvin), which means that every once and a while we make mistakes. When we do, we let you know immediately and collaborate on how to best reconcile the situation.


Adapt and Improve

Just when you think you’ve figured out how to increase organic leads from SEO or generate more prospects through Social Ads, Google and Facebook pull a fast one on you and change their algorithms — how rude. At DD, our clients trust us to adapt and improve our strategic game plans, our products, and our services to maximize their investment as the digital landscape morphs.

Make it Fridge-Worthy

Excellence is what we strive for in everything that we create — whether it be a blog post, a website, an eBook, or a chatbot. Our goal is to execute well-thought-out strategies that produce exceptional pieces of content which generate remarkable results.


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