Enrollment Marketing Diagnostics Checklist [Free Template]

Download the Enrollment Marketing Diagnostics Checklist and establish your baseline metrics to beat. From website sessions to social media clicks to event RSVPs, fill out this Excel sheet with the metrics that matter.

Enrollment Marketing Diagnostics Checklist Final

What You Get with This Template

No more guessing on which metrics matter. Compile all the important benchmarks data for your program or institution in one easy-to-use spreadsheet.

Cut through the overwhelm

When there's SO much data available, how do you know what to concentrate on? Find out exactly which stats you should care about by downloading the template (it even includes tips for pulling the right numbers!).

Keep your stats organized

Ever look into click-through-rates and jot down stats in random documents? This template will save you time — and stress — by helping you store all key data points in one place.

Know what to beat

Before you can get to where you want to go, you need to know where you are right now. Establish your current benchmarks today and then refine your strategy to get to the next level.

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We analyzed hundreds of graduate marketing campaigns in order to provide sound, actionable tips to help you beat your benchmarks. Download now for the freshest industry standards!

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