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Sure, 2020 forced us all to adapt. But it also inspired us at DD Agency to create something new. To use real data and our smarts to further serve our mission: helping Davids beat Goliaths. Introducing our first-ever DD Agency Deep Dive: 2021 Enrollment Marketing Benchmarks Report, where we analyzed hundreds of graduate marketing campaigns in order to provide sound, actionable tips to help you beat your benchmarks.

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DD Agency's Deep Dive:


See how the numbers stack up across these four marketing pillars and how you can apply what we've learned to make your 2021 numbers even stronger.

  1. Content marketing: How can you compel prospective students to take action that leads to real conversions?

  2. Event marketing: What do the events with the highest attendance rates have in common?

  3. Email marketing: How are prospective students engaging with (all different kinds of) emails?

  4. Digital advertising: Why should you care about cost-per-acquisition and how do all the data points tell a bigger story?

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