How Schools are Using HubSpot for Enrollment Marketing

Okay, so you’ve heard about HubSpot, but you’re trying to get a sense for how HubSpot fits into your school’s tech stack?

Well, you’ve come to the right place as DD Agency is the only HubSpot Platinum Partner agency that exclusively serves the enrollment marketing space. We put together this quick video to explain the three primary ways our clients use HubSpot. 

What HubSpot IS Used for at Most Institutions 

☑️ HubSpot IS the most powerful marketing automation and content management platform for educational institutions out there.

☑️ HubSpot IS full of incredibly robust tools that allow you to do everything from run your digital ad campaigns to design incredible emails and landing pages, to increase your SEO performance to build chatbots, and a lot more.

☑️ HubSpot IS the best platform out there to help you garner detailed insights into the journey students take with your brand from initial website visit through enrollment. 

What HubSpot IS NOT Used for at Most Institutions

❌ HubSpot IS NOT a replacement for your Student Information System.

❌ HubSpot IS NOT the tool you want to host your application on.

❌ HubSpot IS NOT, in most cases, a replacement for your core CRM — it’s an augmentation of it.  It sits on top of your core CRM and empowers it with more data, deeper insights, and enables schools to personally the applicant journey down to the individual prospect. 

If you want to learn more about how we’re helping schools of all shapes use HubSpot to execute inbound enrollment marketing campaigns and manage their admissions pipeline, schedule a call with Zach, our Director of Growth and he'd be happy to give you a detailed, behind-the-scenes look.

Understanding DD Agency's Relationship with HubSpot

DD Agency is the only HubSpot Platinum Partner agency that exclusively serves the enrollment marketing space. We partnered with HubSpot because we believe that inbound is the longterm marketing strategy that encapsulates the unspoken and often unrealized desire of enrollment marketers — to have one engine, one strategy that drives all prospective student communications.

The final decision to partner with HubSpot — as opposed to another marketing automation platform — wasn’t merely because of what the HubSpot platform already was and is, but because of what HubSpot aspires to be.

DD and HubSpot have a mutual dream: to transform our clients into thought leaders whose influence propagates exponential growth. 

We believe that the moment we stop innovating, stop creating, and stop exploring, is the moment we fail. And because of this, we hope DD is never the best digital marketing agency — or that at least we are never aware that we’re the best. Not because we don’t value greatness, but because I think once an agency — or an individual, for that matter — becomes “the best,” they slow down, they relax, and they become comfortable with mediocrity.

We never want to stop pursuing excellence in strategizing, creating, and promoting content for our clients, and we've discovered over the past few years that HubSpot shares this same view.

Sometimes enrollment marketers cripple themselves with antiquated student recruitment strategies and archaic admissions processes, but if they want to succeed, if they want their programs to grow in quality and quantity, if they want to cultivate a culture of innovation in their admissions offices, then they must embrace risk and pursue change — and HubSpot, inbound marketing, and DD Agency help them do just that. 

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