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Digital Ads the Inbound Way

Traditional digital advertising across Google Ads, paid social media, display ads, retargeting campaigns, and other online influencers can get expensive quickly, let alone the technical skills needed to manage the various types of media. This workshop will teach you practical tactics you can implement immediately to get more results from your limited media budget. 


Reasons to Download the Guide

We're going to give you a detailed, behind-the-scenes look at real case study data of schools who are getting phenomenal results from their paid, digital advertising campaigns. 

Learn How to Build Audiences

There are right ways and many, many wrong ways to think about audience profiling across Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn. Learn about the power of journey-based audience profiling!

Understand Search Intent

Getting better ROI from your media buys starts with understanding the nuances that exist in user search intent. We're going to teach you everything you need to know about how to align your campaigns appropriately! 

Access Case Study Data

You'll get access to real case study data that compare traditional approaches to digital advertising with inbound approaches to digital advertising...the results speak loud and clear! 


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